KSP – Baschieri & Pellagri Strategic Alliance Formed


The Board of Directors of both Chubb International Shooting Sports, Inc. & Keystone Shooting Park are proud to announce the recent formation of a major strategic alliance between Keystone Shooting Park and Baschieri &  Pellagri (B&P) USA. B&P is recognized around the world as the premier manufacturer of World and Olympic grade shotgun sports ammunition. Headquartered in Bologna, Italy, B&P pioneered the revolutionary Gordon hull system, which greatly reduces recoil and produces a more uniformed performance through use of their custom powders, wads and high antimony diamond grade shot. B&P’s history of  innovations and their unmatched quest for excellence has allowed them to produce premium grade ammunition for the world over the past 130 years. Their rich history in Olympic shotgun sports is without equal as both they and their supported athletes have amassed an impressive list of honors to include:

images[7]8 Olympic Gold Medalsimages[7]

4 Olympic Silver Medals

2 Olympic Bronze Medals

11 World Cup Final Gold Medals

68 World Championship Gold Medals

75 European Championship Gold Medals

257 Italian National Championship Gold Medals

Team Keystone athletes will be fully sponsored for their ammunition needs through the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan. This is a joint support package agreement between B&P Italy and B&P USA, and as part of the agreement, B&P USA will be importing the famed B&P F2 Flash cartridges for use by the Team Keystone athletes. In addition, B&P Italy will also support the ammunition needs of our athletes during future international training and competitive trips.

Jointly, B&P and KSP has established and set a course of excellence, which encompasses true vision for the future of Olympic shotgun sports in this nation. B&P and KSP are convinced and dedicated to the proposition that such an alliance will bring success to the U.S. program and in turn bare witness to the excellence of their product line to this market place.

The coaching staff and athletes of Team Keystone offers their heart felt thanks and gratitude to the management team at B&P Italy and B&P USA, for your faith in our vision and goals. GRAZIE MILLE!!!!