The Board of Directions of Chubb International Shooting Sports, Inc. & Keystone Shooting Park are proud to announce that we have crafted a financial benefits program for our both our recreational and dedicated athlete patrons.   

The program was formulated to stimulate and enhance match results for all of our patrons, as well as assist in lessening the affects of the global inflation crisis that we are all now experiencing. The High Performance Awards Program (HPAP) will be a three year multi event support tool which is funded by our cadre of benefactors. The program is designed to financially support all of our patrons regardless of their residency.

HPAP is a (5) tier rewards program, which will award points on both an individual event attendance and scoring results basis. The HPAP program will record your individual results from the (7) major events historically hosted at Keystone Shooting Park each season. Every events registered patrons are automatically entered into the program, so pre-registration for the HPAP program is not necessary. 

Accumulated HPAP points will be redeemed at the close of each season. It’s important to note that every patron, regardless of the number of events that they attend will be eligible to accumulate HPAP points. Each individual HPAP point for the 2023 season will be worth $5.00 USD. Please note that the HPAP program wards are in ADDITION to our normal prize packages that we’ve historically offered at our major events for the past (12) seasons.

Please closely review and familiarize yourself with the content of the attachment above as it clearly lays out the points accumulation criteria for all (5) tiers.