Chubb International Shooting Sports,  Inc. was incorporated as a Non-Profit entity in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania on May 1, 2006. The stated purpose and goal of the corporation was to educate and promote understanding of both Olympic and International style shotgun shooting sports within the United States. Another stated goal was to ultimately build a shooting sports complex totally dedicated to both Olympic and International style shotgun shooting sports. To that end,  it was the intent of the Board of Directors to build a venue with standards far exceeding the norm and with technical innovations that would allow our patrons and athletes an environment of excellence in which to foster their respect and love of their chosen sport.

In September 2007,  the corporation made application to the United States Internal Revenue Service for a 501(c)(3) tax deductible designation, which was soon granted. On September 12,  2008 a long term agreement was signed between Chubb International Shooting Sports,  Inc. and Martz’s Gap View Hunting Preserve,  Inc. to lease 15.5 acres on which to construct the proposed complex. In that same month an official capital funding campaign was initiated to begin construction of the multi-year,  multi-phase International shotgun shooting sports facility now known as “Keystone Shooting Park”. Chubb International Shooting Sports,  Inc. made application in May 2009 to register Keystone Shooting Park as a fictitious “Doing Business As” (DBA) name so as to be the daily range operating arm of Chubb International Shooting Sports,  Inc.

On June 29,  2009 the official “Ground Breaking Ceremonies” were held at the site now known as Keystone Shooting Park. On August 31,  2009 initial excavation began and on May 1,  2011,  Phase I of the Keystone Shooting Sports complex was opened. Phase II construction projects are currently underway with the highlight addition being the construction of the Olympic Skeet field which was opened in December 2012. Additional sections of the Phase II plan continued into both 2013 &  2014,  with the culmination scheduled to be completed in the spring of 2015.