Shooting System

Our system allows for unequalled access according to your schedule. Keystone Shooting Park (KSP) is the first “Fully Automated” range in the world which requires no range attendants in order for use of the facility.

Upon request,  each member of KSP will receive both the digital code number to the KSP range Kiosk and a “Smart Card” which has an electronic chip embedded in it for recognition purposes. The “Smart Card” will be pre-loaded with the number of rounds requested (10-100) for the appropriate fee according to the patrons age and membership status. Range set up directions are simple and a guide will be posted on the range to assist our patrons. To gain access to the Kiosk,  the patron will enter the digital code to open the door. Upon entry,  electrical power switches will be seen,  which will provide power to the entire range. Once the system is fully energized the control panel will allow the patron to lower the bunker doors and energize the trap machines. The “Smart Card Reader Box” will be energized to accept entry of the patron’s “Smart Card”. Upon sliding the “Smart Card” into the “Smart Card Reader Box” the appropriate fee will be deducted from your card and the range will be ready to begin training.

Upon completion of the training exercise, the patron would simply reverse the process,  pick up any debris and leave the range. Once the patron shuts down the power to the trap machines it is not necessary to release the targets from the arms. Upon exhausting all of the pre-paid rounds from the patrons “Smart Card”,  the card can once again be reloaded according to the patron’s criteria.

Please note that a $10.00 security deposit is required per “Smart Card” in case of loss or destruction. The security deposit can be refunded to the patron if they wish to relinquish control of the card.